Hi and welcome to our new phoneme blog.

This blog has been set up to assist the students in our classroom with their learning about phonemes.

Please submit comments, suggestions and websites that you feel should be included as comments to this post.

This blog is a ‘work in progress’. It will be added to and changed as necessary, so please call back often. At present, many of the phonemes don’t have links connected. Each phoneme will be updated as the students are learning about it.

2 thoughts on “Welcome

  1. Dear Lisa,

    Well done on starting this new blog! Literacy is a passion of mine (as well as technology!) and I am always keen to find new ideas and perspectives on how to teach literacy skills to my young students.

    I am looking forward to checking back regularly to see the different phoneme activities you find. In particular, the tricky vowel phonemes will be very handy for my Grade Two students.

    Keep up the great work, Lisa! 🙂


    • Hi Kelly,
      Thanks for the kind words.
      Like you, I’m always looking out for great literacy activities and initiatives to use in my classroom especially if they involve technology.
      Hopefully this blog will provide both my class and global classrooms around the world a place to find phoneme activities.